"Throw kindness around like confetti!"

You had us at confetti! That, and we're huge fans of kindness! Our company runs on this contagious, free, renewable, sustainable resource!


"Joy to the World!"

Three Dog Night said it best… or was that Handel? Just like Marie Kondo, we  ask ourselves, does this bring joy? And proceed accordingly. Joy is easily the heartbeat of The Countdown Co. We seek joy in every decision, in order to bring joy to the world!


"To live a creative life, we must get over our fear of being wrong."

We are champions and cheerleaders for creativity! In partnerships, in pushing one another, and encouraging our customers. We celebrate creativity, and the fruits of being brave enough to share it with the world!


"You bring the fun!"

We wouldn't tell you to do anything that we wouldn't do ourselves! Every day, we seek to create a little fun! 


“Let all that you do, be done in love.”

For us, this one is simple. What’s love got to do with it? Everything, Tina.. everything. We love what we do and who we do it for. We get to love people we know, and people we’ve never even met. And in turn, they love bigger.


"The world around us, needs the best in each of us."


And sharing our gifts takes bravery! For us, this starts with confidence and dismissing that little voice in us that says, "you can't do this.. your are not enough." We choose to listen to the voice that says, "you can and you will!"


“Our gratitude breeds our contentment.”

As we strive to improve and continue to reach new heights, thankfulness and appreciation for where we are in the journey at any given time are a daily practice. 


"God loves a cheerful giver!"

And that's just what we aim to be around here! We believe that gifts are best utilized, when they're shared! Instead of storing up blessings and keeping them for ourselves, we believe in paying it forward. Both through acts of service or charity, but also in things as simple as smiling at a stranger.