We love a celebration! Birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, grand openings, graduations, a pee in the potty – you name it! In addition to the “big” occasions and the milestones in life,

we believe that there’s something

worth celebrating every single day!

So while we love the big moments.. we don’t want to miss the little ones right in front of us, waiting and longing for the big ones to arrive.


They say that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything… they make the best of everything! We’re here to inspire you (& those around you) to create cause for celebration!

To make every day count!

To seek out the good, and see the glass half full!

The children that you see in many of these photos were the initial inspiration for The Countdown Co. Our original countdown boxes were created

as a way to cheer them up when

COVID-19 related cancellations, and

shelter in place orders began to occur.


The goal of each gift was to give them something to look forward to each day, and the goal of the insert cards was to encourage them to make the most of their new circumstances! To find the joy and the happy in every day --- not only for themselves, but for those around them!


Fast forward a couple of months, and here we are! We want to celebrate with you, & bring the same excitement & encouragement into your homes!


Let us create a Countdown Box for the days leading up to your (or someone you love’s)

next big occasion!

We’ll curate a collection of unique & specific products, along with words of encouragement

for each day of your countdown.


You bring the joy! You find the happy! You be the difference in your day! Chances are…

you just might be the difference in someone else’s!


And we’ll be right here…

pom poms flailing wildly in hand..

cheering you on along the way!