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About Us

We're sisters, aunts, a wedding planner, a mother... & we love a celebration!

We believe in looking forward (or as we like to call it, counting down) to the big occasions & the milestones in life!

However, we also believe there is something worth celebrating every single day! And we want to celebrate with you!

We create gift boxes for all sorts of occasions! We are continuing to roll out new box themes as quickly as we can, but taking custom inquiries every day! Items are individually packaged and numbered, similar to an advent calendar. An inspiring opening letter & instructions are included with each box, as well as an encouraging content card for each day! We’ll do the work, include an additional gift message crafted by you if you’d like, and ship right to your loved one’s door!

Our goal is to help inspire more joy, happiness, kindness, creativity, contentment, and love in your day to day lives ---

in hopes that the ripple effect will continue into the lives of those around you!

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How It Works

Decide who, what, and when you're celebrating!

We offer gift boxes for all sorts of occasions. Particularly, countdown boxes (similar to an advent calendar). We are continuing to roll out new box themes as quickly as we can, but taking custom inquiries daily! 

Shop from our suggested occasions,

or make a custom request! 

Visit our Shop tab to easily choose from our ready to go countdown themes! Have a custom request? Send us an email! We'll provide a quote & recommendations for your Countdown Box!

Ship your Countdown Box to the lucky recipient, and wait for the fun to begin!

We'll ship right to your loved one's door! Enclosed they will find a greeting letter with instructions, a collection of cheerfully wrapped, individually numbered packages, and notes of encouragement for each day of their countdown!


Watch from afar or together in person, as they feel special, excited, encouraged, and celebrated each day – thanks to you!


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