We know all of this customization can be confusing!

That’s why we’ve outlined several frequently asked questions below.

Still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

How is The Countdown Co. different from other gift box companies?


So glad that you asked!


For one, it’s in the name! Many gift box companies offer goodies that the recipient opens all at once. We love a good gift bundle as much as the next gal, but we like to keep the excitement going by individually packaging and numbering each item – so that the recipient can enjoy one each day as they count down to what it is that they are celebrating!


^^^Bear in mind, this concept was birthed by an aunt who lives long distance from her many nieces & nephews,

& hoped for a way to cheer them up each day over a span of time – not just a one & done!


Two, the wrapping! Each item is thoughtfully & festively gift wrapped by hand! We're busy carefully creasing corners, curling ribbons, & imagining the look on the lucky recipient's face! Will they smile? Will they shreek with gladness? Will they feel empowered? Extra cared for? Seen & celebrated? We hope all of the above!


Three, the content! If cool products & beautiful presentation are likened to your favorite ice cream with sprinkles… consider our content the cherry on top! Truly, we’re big believers in the power of positive thinking & that an encouraging word goes a long way. We aim to help you celebrate your recipient with gifts, but we also aim to inspire them with meaningful content. Which we hope will outlast any product or packaging that we could possibly include!



Okay, I’m not reading all of that – what is this?


We get it! You’re busy & you’ll be lucky if you shower today! Us too…


In a nutshell, we offer gift boxes for all sorts of occasions. Particularly, countdown boxes (similar to an advent calendar). We are continuing to roll out new box themes as quickly as we can, but taking custom inquiries every day! Items are individually packaged and numbered. An inspiring opening letter & instructions are included with each box, as well as an encouraging content card for each day! We’ll do the work, include an additional gift message crafted by you if you’d like, and ship right to your loved one’s door!



For what age group are your products intended?


Our themed & ready-to-order boxes will always specify the intended age group within the product description. All custom fulfillments will be geared specifically to the age of the recipient. The end goal? Something for everyone! No matter their age!

I don’t see my particular occasion/ theme in your shop. Can you create a custom countdown box?


Yes! And we can bet ya that 9 times out of 10, we’ve thought about your theme! Just do not have it in bulk supply... yet!

Please contact us with your inquiry! We love to personalize!

I’m not super tech-savvy, can I call or text you instead?


Because we are fielding many inquiries & fulfilling specific details at any given time, email correspondence is requested. This gives us a point of reference as we thoughtfully work through your order, and gives you proof of the details included. Everybody wins!


We are constantly monitoring emails, and strive to respond within 24 hours. Should we determine that an additional phone call is necessary, we will happily accommodate! If we speak by phone, you will receive a follow up email recapping the details of our conversation & request for your confirmation.


Please note that even if a phone call, social media message, or text message is exchanged, we can only assume responsibility for details confirmed in a completed order and/ or email correspondence with hello@countdown-co.com specifically.


Information provided via order form or email will always override information claimed to be provided by text, direct message, or phone call. For this reason, we strongly suggest e-mail & website-based correspondence only.



What if I am shipping multiple boxes to a single residence?


We currently bundle multiple packages that are going to one household within one larger box for shipping. Each recipient will still receive their individual box & packages within! We want to ensure that everyone receives their countdown boxes at the same time!

What if I want to ship boxes to different addresses?


We kindly request that you check out separately for each address that you’ll be sending a box to!



What if I want to ship different themes to one household?


If our current selection of ready to order boxes fit the themes your looking for, you can easily add multiple themes to your cart! No problem! If we have one of your themes, but not the other – please email us first and we’ll create a custom invoice for you!



Do you allow returns?


Because of the incredible customization that goes into each box, most items are non-returnable. However, we want you to be thrilled with your box! Please contact us, should an item arrive damaged or unsatisfactory. We will do our very best to ensure a great experience!


Perishable, food-based, used, or opened product packages are non-returnable. For any damaged products, a photo with time stamp proof must be provided with return request, within one week of count down start date. Refunds and/or replacements will be issued at The Countdown Co’s discretion.



How long will it take to ship my countdown box?


Typically, 3-5 days. Sometimes more, sometimes less! With the time-sensitive nature of receiving a countdown box, we prioritize orders based on calendar date needed and do our very best to allow plenty of time for unexpected delays/ delivery issues beyond our control.



Do you offer rush requests & shipping?


If you have a rush request, please contact us directly. Because of the nature & time-sensitivity of our product, we cannot guarantee rush requests. However, we love a challenge! Contact us with details & we will certainly try to help!



Do you offer local pick up or doorstep delivery?


Absolutely! Contact us prior to placing your order, and we will give you a code to override shipping costs!



My countdown box is late or has not arrived as promised. What do I do?


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We provide tracking with every shipment, & do our best to follow along until we can ensure that your package has been successfully delivered. However, things do happen that are beyond our control. Womp womp. We will do our very best to help you track down your package!



An item or content is missing from my countdown box! Can you fix this?


Ugh… say it ain’t so! We do our best to double, triple check every box! However, mistakes can certainly happen when very real, human hands are pouring extra TLC into each box! Please contact us and we will do our best to replace the item or remedy the situation in a timely manner.



How can I stay up-to-date on new countdown themes & products?


Sign up for our e-newsletter & follow us on Instagram & Facebook! We have an endless list of themes & products to roll out… but we’re a small biz. So it will take a little time! Follow along as we grow & gain even more to share with you!